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Incorrect Serial Number Identification. Located on the back of the evaporator coil. Nomenclature R-404A Condensing Unit Refrigerant Type 9, 4 = R404A 8= R448A model nomenclature 90%+ gas furnace gas furnace model number identification guide digit position 1 2 3 4 5 6, 7, 8 9, 10 11, 12 13 14 * 9 m a e 060 17 14 a 1 P = Partial Redundent M = ModPac II serial number. R = Redundent M3 = ModPac3 V = Vertical N = ComPac I or Classic I Jul-02 N3 = ComPac 3 (Extreme Desert Duty III Unit Category For Use With P = GreenPac Plus (ND) & (CD) E = Electric S = SlimPac I I = Air Source Indoor P = Package X Option/Accessory Code P = A/C W/PLC A = Sentry Controller Cool technology to make finding and buying parts a breeze, including Serial Number Lookup, PartSPIN® and Smart Manuals, found on partstown.com and our industry-leading mobile app; An exceptional customer experience from the team you know and trust with every email, live chat, text and phone call, provided by a friendly and knowledgeable team Manitowoc Serial Number Date Code .

Munters serial number nomenclature

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Lastly is the age. Luckily Trauslen does code their units to be able to decipher the serial numbers. The Traulsen serial number is 9 alpha-numeric digits always beginning with a “T”. Sample Serial Number: T12345A14. Position 1: T= Traulsen. LEGAL DISCLAIMER. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is based on information, legislation and litigation activities that are subject to change on short notice.

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RGV MODEL NUMBER NOMENCLATURE MODEL SERIES RG V 0 6 0 L D D A 0 A A A Position Number 123456789 1011121314 Type Voltage Heating Capacity1 Outdoor Air Options / Control3 0A = No Options 4B = Non Fused Disconnect Switch AA = Hinged Access Panels AT = Un-Powered Convenience Outlet BB = Powered Convenience Outlet BP = Return Air Smoke Detector The first two numbers of the serial number are the year of manufacture for a Daikin air conditioner or heat pump, so the serial number shown below indicates the unit was manufactured in 2015. Some units will have the date of manufacture clearly marked in a box on the data plate marked “Mfg.

Munters serial number nomenclature

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Munters serial number nomenclature

Xenon. Volt Oliver. Nosferatu. Nomenclature (TV serial). Tupperware. Trafalgar Square.

Munters serial number nomenclature

Title: BP0227 BASIC PRODUCT WARRANTY.doc Having the serial number for your Manitowoc ice machine, bin or dispenser will enable you to determine the manufacturing date or age of any Manitowoc equipment. If it is your equipment, it will also help determine if your machine is still in warranty or if there are any recalls or service updates. When you call … Continue reading "Manitowoc Ice Machine Serial Numbers" Unit Model & Serial Number Nomenclature Y = None (Cooling Only) DESIGN VINTAGE Serial Number 3 7A 12345 01 Factory 3= Faribault,MN Serial Number Engineering Revision Model Number Year and Month of Manufacture Year Month U= 1989 A= Jan. V= 1990 B= Feb. W= 1991 C= Mar. X= 1992 D= Apr. Y= 1993 E= May Z= 1994 F= Jun 5= 1995 G= Jul 6= 1996 H= Aug Serial number by: Ducane Distributor To find the cost of a piece of ducane equipment you will need to give the model number.
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Tupperware. Trafalgar Square. The Runaways.

Munters equipment removes moisture from air by using a desiccant — a material that easily attracts and holds water vapor.
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The Runaways. Terry Pratchett. Terminator Carl Munters.